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Thursday, 2 April 1998
Page: 2388

Mr SPEAKER —The second matter which I wish to draw members' attention to is photographs that have been brought to my attention which appeared on the front pages of today's Age and Canberra Times , photostats of which I will table at the end of these remarks. The captions accompanying each photograph suggest a reaction by the Prime Minister in the House of Representatives yesterday to the High Court's decision in the Hindmarsh Island matter.

A perusal of Hansard of that day does not reveal any reference by the Prime Minister during question time to the decision by the High Court. I propose to refer each photograph and its relevant editorial comment to the House members of the Joint Committee on the Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings to consider whether the photographs and editorial comment breach existing guidelines regarding these matters as well as request that those members consider the wider issue of the guidelines themselves. I table the two photostats.