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Thursday, 26 March 1998
Page: 1723

Mr TANNER —My question is to the Minister for Transport and Regional Development. I ask whether the minister is aware of the paper entitled `A New Approach to Enforcement' recently issued by Civil Aviation Safety Authority Chairman `Affordable Safety' Dick Smith, which states:

. . . in no circumstances will suspension or cancellation of pilots licences be used as punishment.

Is the minister aware that CASA has issued a notice to pilots urging them to look out the window to avoid crashing into other planes? Can the minister guarantee that `Affordable Safety' Dick Smith's new aviation safety regime will not, in fact, lead to a reduction in aviation safety, particularly at Sydney airport? Minister, what is next—hand signals?

Mr SPEAKER —The last part of that question is out of order.

Mr VAILE (Transport and Regional Development) —I thank the honourable member for his question. I point out to the House that at least our government has taken the opportunity to appoint people to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority who have experience in the aviation field, who have an understanding of aviation and who know what is needed in this industry.

Following the obstruction of the mates of the Labor Party over the first couple of years of the life of this government, we have taken the opportunity to get around the industry and get people from the industry into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority who know what they are talking about as far as aviation is concerned, and who have had experience with the big end of the aviation industry in Ansett and Qantas, as far as concerns the management of air space in Australia and the regulation of air safety in Australia.