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Tuesday, 10 March 1998
Page: 917

Mr McClelland asked the Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism, upon notice, on 20 November 1997:

(1) Has the Minister's Department engaged consultants since 2 March 1996; if so, (a)which consultants have been engaged; (b)what was the nature of the work undertaken in each case; and (c)what sum was paid in each case.

(2) What is the estimated cost of consultancy work being undertaken for the Minister's Department for which no payment has been made.

Mr Moore (Industry, Science and Technology) —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Yes.

(1) (a) (b) and (c) Details of consultancies from 2 March 1996 to 30 June 1996 are listed at Attachment A. Details of consultancies from 1 July 1997 to 20 November 1997 are listed at Attachment B.

Consultancies valued at $2,000 and above were included in the 1995/96 annual report.

The 1996/97 annual report states that details of consultancies for that financial year are available from the Department.

(2) The information I have referred to gives the value of each consultancy, which includes sums paid and sums yet to be paid. All consultancy work has been paid for, or will be paid for, in accordance with the terms of the contracts.


Consultancies commissioned by the Department between 2 March 1996 and 30 June 1996.

Consultant (a)

Description (b)

Value (c)

Allen Consulting Group

Study on Australia as a regional financial services centre


Arthur Andersen

Benchmarking project: three (3) biennial audits of Australia's textile, clothing and footwear industries


Aptech Australia Pty Ltd

Update of world competitive manufacturing workshop manual


Ove Arup and Partners

Evaluation of Very High Speed Train project: alternatives study


Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Law Institute—Murdoch University

Seminar: the importance of intellectual property in Vietnam


ASPECT Computing

Feasibility study for providing Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (ACRES) data through the internet


Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian SME research database (AUSSMED) development


Barraclough and Company Australia Ltd

Study: impediments and incentives among Australian firms—market analysis of program client groups


Biosis Research PTY LTD

Evaluation of Very High Speed Train project: environment study


Catalyst Communications Pty Ltd

Evaluation of Very High Speed Train project: summary report


Centre For Innovation and Enterprise Pty Ltd

Study into requirements of equity investors in SME's (development of `investment ready' criteria)


Connell Wagner Pty Ltd

Evaluation of Very High Speed Train project: infrastructure and engineering studies


Coopers and Lybrand

Preparation of DIST 1995/96 financial statements


Coopers and Lybrand

Review of the Australian Sports Commission Board



Development of a fundamental gravity station



Research into wood and paper industry's enterprise improvement needs



Hydrographic Survey


Interaction Corporate Communications

Produce poster version of AUSLIG Business Plan


International Trade Strategies Pty Ltd

Processed foods market access strategy study


George Livanos

Pharmaceutical testing survey


Mack Consulting Group

Evaluation of graduate based projects


Pacific Consulting Infrastructure Economists

Evaluation of Very High Speed Train project: patronage study


PLG Inc.

Probabilistic safety assessment and remaining life study of HIFAR nuclear research reactor


Price Waterhouse

Study: impediments/incentives among Australian firms—benefits of business improvement program


Price Waterhouse

Small business deregulation task force research: review and analysis of reports on regulatory reform


Price Waterhouse

Evaluation of Very High Speed Train project: financial and funding options


STM Consulting Pty Ltd (formerly Strategic Technology Management)

Consultancy services for TIDA (Telecommunications Industry Development Authority) survey


Strategic Industry Research Foundation

Study: understanding benefits from R&D


Symonds Travers Morgan

Evaluation of Very High Speed Train project: economic analysis study


Systems Union Pty Ltd

Plan and implement Sun Systems financial system


Techstrat Research Pty Ltd

Analysis and report on AMC's `leading the way' database


Techstrat Research Pty Ltd and Norma Harrison T/A Beaumont Management Consulting

Report: Review of International Best Practice in Adoption and Management of Technology


University of Sydney

Self-help manual for SME's to form business networks


University of Wollongong

Market analysis of IR&D Board clients: impediments and incentives among Australian firms


Upton Martin Consulting

Develop and implement a Learning organisation (cultural change) program


WANG Australia Pty Ltd

Replacement of existing OPEN trade mark imaging application


Mark Wood

Financial management training—non financial managers



Consultancies commissioned by the Department since 1 July 1997.

Consultant (a)

Description (b)

Value (c)

ACIL Economics and Policy Pty Ltd

Preparation of overview of Australian construction industry


ACNielsen.McNair (formerly AGB McNair)

Survey of AusIndustry client firms: enterprise development programs


ACNielsen.McNair (formerly AGB McNair)

Survey of AusIndustry client firms: research and development programs


Angels Group Pty Ltd

Participation in selection committee for School-Industry Links Demonstration program



Statistical services in relation to the National Visitor Survey


Aquarius Communication

Staff selection services


Aspect Computing Pty Ltd

Software modifications to R&D Start Branch's Grants and Loans Management Information System (GLAM)


Australian Marine Science and Technology Ltd (AMSAT)

Government sector linkages program—Australia technology and sustainable development in E.Indonesia


Australian Property Group

Rental determination consulting


Barraclough and Company Australia Ltd

Design and development of AusIndustry's Business Assessment program


Bis Shrapnel Pty Ltd

Report on building regulatory systems in selected overseas countries


Blake Dawson Waldron

Legal services for the outsourcing of public interest work


Bresso Holdings Pty Ltd

Redevelopment of International Science and Technology Program database using Microsoft Access 2


Buchan Communications Group Pty Ltd

Communications audit and strategy


Chinook Investments Pty Ltd

Consultancy services to contract negotiation team


Coopers and Lybrand

Financial management and implementation of accrual budgeting


Coopers and Lybrand

Confidential survey of SES Band 1 and Band 2 DIST officers


Dain Simpson Associates

Workshops on Australian tourism sector: APEC Tourism Working Group (TWG) report—Impediments to Tourism Growth in the APEC Region


Deacons Graham & James

Legal fees for sale of AUSLIG


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Review of TEXCO (tariff export concession), duty drawback, and temporary importation provisions


Don't Press Publications

Development of illustrations for the Ecolodge Directory


ETC Electronic Trading Concepts Pty Ltd

National Business Information Service: development of vision, objectives, benchmarks and delivery options


Fellows Medlock and Associates

Provision of advice and assistance in the development of a workplace reforms strategy for DIST


Hunarch Consulting (Rod A Hunter T/A Hunarch Consulting)

Social research on access and facilities for people with disabilities


KPMG Management Consulting

Forecasting changes in tourist activity as a result of the 2000 Olympic Games


Margenison-McCann TM Systems

Team management profiles


Margules Groome Poyry Pty Ltd

Food products benchmarking study


Melbourne Certification Group

Building surveying services in relation to access and facilities for people with disabilities


William M Mercer Pty Ltd

Private sector overview, critique of design and implementation mechanisms of the Small Business Innovation Fund scheme


Metrographics (Symagy Pty Ltd T/A Metrographics)

IR&D Board annual report and annual review: design, preparation and production


John Mitchell and Associates

Development of scoping study on telemedicine activities in Australia


Monash University

Provision and analysis of nursery furniture (and bunk beds) injury data


Morgan and Banks

Recruitment services


National Economics Pty Ltd

Report on Australian building and construction industry product and services export potential to overseas market


Vasiliki Nihas and Associates

Development of a toolkit for the Qualilty Customer Service project


NNC Limited

Verification of costings associated with siting options for a replacement (nuclear) research reactor


Occupational Service of Australia

Onsite staff support


Price Waterhouse

Preparation of report on effect of tax concessions on foreign business investors


Price Waterhouse

Preparation of report on taxation of investment income


Rawlingsons (Australia) Pty Ltd

Quantity surveying and estimating services on the cost of a proposed standard for access and facilities for people with disabilities


Christine Reid

Participation in selection committee for School-Industry Links Demonstration program


Standards Australia (Standards Association of Australia)

Production of report on Australian building regulations, standards and conformance systems


Stenning and Associates Pty Ltd

Identification of codes of practice for inclusion in the National Business Information Service (BIS)


Sydney Convention and Visitors Bureau (Jon Hutchison)

Management of industry consultation process for development of national tourism plan


Total Risk Management Pty Ltd

Due diligence assessment of innovation investment fund licence applicants


University of Wollongong

Report to address terms of reference and impact of Mortimer Review of Business Programs report: Going for Growth—Business Programs for Investment, Innovation and Export


Upton Martin Consulting

Learning organisation (cultural exchange) program


Wiggins Price and Associates Pty Ltd

Rules of origin (ROOs) industry consultations


Marguerite Winter

Revision and update of Investment Promotion and Facilitation program publication: Australia: Your Strategic Investment Location


Winthrop Stimson Putnam and Robert (USA)

Provision of legal advice: Australian legal and regulatory framework for commercial space launch activities


Woolcott Research Pty Ltd

Survey on Australians' attitudes to and knowledge of science and technology (S&T)


Worthington di Marzio Pty Ltd

Focus testing creatives associated with the Research and Development Communications Strategy and reporting findings thereof