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Tuesday, 3 March 1998
Page: 252

The following notices were given on 2 March 1998:

Mr Andrew to move:

That the following Bills be referred to the Main Committee for further consideration:

Insurance Laws Amendment 1997;

Telecommunications Amendment (No. 2) 1997;

NRS Levy Imposition 1997;

Customs and Excise Legislation Amendment (No. 3) 1997;

Gas Pipelines Access (Commonwealth) 1997;

Crimes (Superannuation Benefits) Amendment 1997; and

Therapeutic Goods Legislation Amendment 1997.

Mr Eoin Cameron to move:

(1) That the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs conduct a stocktake of the cost of living of aged pensioners and retirees such that an accurate picture can be drawn of the difficulties of surviving on the pension and fixed limited incomes and that the committee:

(a) compare the formula used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of measuring the cost of living with anecdotal evidence of the actual increased cost of living of pensioners and retirees;

(b) review the various methods of government assistance to aged pensioners and retirees, the quality of assistance and the value of the assistance to pensioners and retirees and recommend whether any changes should be made;

(c) determine whether the legislative requirement that pensions be set at 25 per cent of average male weekly earnings is suitable; and

(d) recommend changes to the Government which will better target assistance to pensioners, with a view to how such benefits will meet the needs of pensioners in future years in terms of the increased representation of aged persons as a proportion of Australia's population.

(2) That the above inquiry be conducted mindful of the precarious nature of the federal budget due to the previous Government's mismanagement.

Mr McClelland to move:

That this House:

(1) notes that the withdrawal of the operational subsidy to community based child care centres has caused a significant detrimental impact including:

(a) the need for child care centres to increase fees between 11 and 15 per cent per week;

(b) causing a number of families to reduce their hours of child care or leave the child care service altogether; and

(c) causing child care centres to (i) reduce administration hours, (ii) reduce staff or replace staff with lower qualified staff, (iii) curtail services to infants such as nappy services, (iv) either withdraw or reduce the quality of meals and drinks provided to children, (v) reduce the amount of spending on equipment and materials and (vi) reduce the extent of building and outdoor maintenance;

(2) calls on the Minister for Family Services to refer issues relating to the withdrawal of the operational subsidies to the appropriate House of Representatives committee with such terms of reference to include investigation of the impact of the loss of operational funding on community based long day care centres and families who use that service;

(3) further calls on the Minister for Family Services to increase the child care assistance ceiling for child care services to better reflect the actual cost of care; and

(4) calls on the Government to immediately reinstate the $350 million taken from the children's services program in 1997-98 so that high quality affordable child care can be maintained and monitored.

Mr Pyne to move:

That this House:

(1) agrees that former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating's unsuccessful attempt to implement substantial tax reform in 1985 was an acknowledgment of the contemporary failings of the taxation system;

(2) recognises that the former Labor Government failed over 13 years to implement substantial tax reform;

(3) agrees that the Government's achievement in fixing Labor's $10 billion budget black hole proves that this Government has the resolve and the courage to implement significant and sensible taxation reform; and

(4) notes that the Opposition has no plans for substantial taxation reform and favours a return to the tax and spend policies of the past that led to high interest rates, high unemployment and low growth that had it been allowed to go unchecked could have dangerously exposed Australia in the environment of an Asian financial crisis.

Dr Kemp to present a Bill for an Act to provide for the establishment and management of the Australian Public Service, and for other purposes.

Dr Kemp to present a Bill for an Act to deal with consequential and transitional matters arising from the repeal of the Public Service Act 1922 and the enactment of the Public Service Act 1997, and for other purposes.

Mr Warwick Smith to present a Bill for an Act to amend legislation relating to child care, and for related purposes.

Mr Anderson to present a Bill for an Act to amend the National Residue Survey Administration Act 1992, and for other purposes.