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Monday, 11 May 1987
Page: 2965

The following notices were given:

Mr Hawke to move-

That this House-

(1) noting the-

(a) failure of the Joint Sitting of the Tasmanian Parliament on 8 May 1987 to choose the duly nominated ALP candidate, Mr John Devereux, to fill the casual vacancy consequent on the resignation of Dr Don Grimes;

(b) resolution of the Senate of 19 March 1987 endorsing the constitutional convention, established in 13 successive instances since the 1977 Referendum, that ``a person chosen to fill the vacant place in accordance with s. 15 of the Constitution should be the member of the political party duly nominated by that party to fill that place'', and

(c) statement by the Leader of the Opposition, the Honourable John Howard, on 8 May 1987 that ``I believe that the person appointed to fill casual vacancies of this kind ought to be the person nominated by the retiring Senator's political party'', and the statements in support of the established convention made by the leaders of all other parties in the Commonwealth Parties;

(2) calls on the Presiding Officers of the Tasmanian Parliament to immediately take such action as is necessary to reconvene the Joint Sitting of the Houses in the Tasmanian Parliament to fill the vacancy in order that representation of the people of Tasmania in this place be in accordance with their constitutional entitlements, and

(3) calls on the members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly and Legislative Council, including members of the Gray Government, who have to date acted contrary to the established convention, to vote at such a Joint Sitting to accept the nominated ALP candidate, Mr John Devereux.

Mr Young to move-

That this House authorises-

(1) the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to film all or part of the ministerial statement concerning economic measures to be made by the Treasurer on 13 May 1987, and all or part of the reply to that statement by the Leader of the Opposition;

(2) the direct, live telecast of all or part of that film and the accompanying sound of the proceedings by any television station provided that a station telecasts both speeches live and gives approximately equal time to both speeches, and

(3) the use by any television station of any part of the film proceedings and accompanying sound in subsequent news, current affairs and documentary programs.