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Thursday, 7 May 1987
Page: 2884

Mr HUNT(11.49) —I move:

(6) Clause 123, page 62, lines 5 and 6, omit paragraph (3) (c).

Paragraph (3) (c) of the Wool Marketing Bill 1987 states:

. . . a report on the development and implementation of the Corporation's equal employment opportunity program during that year . . .

I would just like to say, in passing, that according to the Minister, this is about the only thing that the Corporation has to do-to insert three or four paragraphs in the annual report. Of course, that is a load of hogwash. The Corporation will have to conform with the equal employment opportunity program. As I said earlier, it is a more complex program than the Minister or the Government would have us believe, although the honourable member for Brand (Ms Fatin) was very forthcoming. She made it clear that it is not just some mild manner of procedure; it is a fairly substantial one. Of course, this clause is really consequential upon clauses 41 and 42, and therefore the National Party of Australia is totally opposed to it and moves for its deletion.

Amendment negatived.

Remainder of Bill agreed to.

Bill reported without amendment; report adopted.