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Thursday, 7 May 1987
Page: 2826

To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives in Parliament assembled.

We, the undersigned citizens of Australia, do solemnly submit this petition to the Parliament and Government of Australia.

Considering that:

Twelve years after the takeover of South Vietnam, the Communist Government in Vietnam is still grossly and wantonly committing serious crimes against its people in blatant breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights;

The Communist regime of Vietnam still destabilises the whole Pacific region with its policy of aggression and genocide in Kampuchea and Laos. It has also surrendered Vietnamese sovereignty to the USSR, allowing the latter to establish permanent bases in Vietnam;

Australia's trade and so-called cultural links with Hanoi have been misused by the latter as the proof of Australia's support for its genocidal policies. In addition, these links have led to the importation of sub-standard goods from Vietnam, and the presence of Communist cadres masquerading as students in Australian educational institutions;

The Family Reunion Program, despite genuine efforts from the Australian Government, is still used as a tool to blackmail Vietnamese refugees who wish to be reunited with their relatives in Australia;

Your Petitioners humbly pray that the House:

Condemns the sorry records of human rights violations of Hanoi, and request the immediate release of all political prisoners in Vietnam;

Condemns the establishment of Soviet bases in Vietnam and the continued occupation of Kampuchea and Laos by Hanoi troops;

Ceases forthwith all trade and cultural links with Hanoi, as these have no benefits whatsoever to the populace of Vietnam; and

Requests that Hanoi scrupulously observes all basic tenets of the Family Reunion Program.

by .