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Friday, 1 May 1987
Page: 2444

Mr KATTER —I draw the attention of the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations to a claim by the Queensland Cane Growers Council to the State Industrial Commission for a single time payment on any five days out of seven, with normal overtime arrangements over and above eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. I ask the Minister: In view of the severely depressed state of the sugar cane industry, shown by the continuing slump in grower returns and the recent closure of the Goondi Mill near Innisfail, does the Federal Government accept that such an arrangement is totally justified in order to maximise the number of jobs available to harvesting and general farm workers? In conclusion, may I respectfully suggest to the Prime Minister that he give the Minister for Foreign Affairs the rest of the day off? He is the only Minister we have in Queensland in the ALP and we want to look after him!

Mr WILLIS —I am not aware of the arrangement referred to by the honourable member for Kennedy. However, I am aware that the sugar industry is going through difficult times. It has been the case that on a number of occasions the Queensland Industrial Commission has delayed the passage of the flow-on of national wage increases in the sugar industry and what other measures have been taken to address the various problems in that industry. I guess that in future considerations of any claims made by workers in that industry, the Industrial Commission in Queensland will continue to have regard to the economic state of the industry, as is possible under the applicable Queensland Act and, of course, as is also possible under Federal awards.