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Friday, 1 May 1987
Page: 2434

Mr HAWKER(11.53) —I take exception to some of the points raised by the honourable member for Melbourne (Mr Hand). He was referring to the--

Mr Hand —Madam Deputy Speaker, I take a point of order. In terms of your ruling, the honourable member can only speak to the matter before the House.

Mr HAWKER —If the honourable member would let me begin my speech he would find out that I will.

Madam DEPUTY SPEAKER —That is accurate. I again draw to the attention of the honourable member for Wannon, as I have to other honourable members, that he may debate only matters strictly pertaining to the clauses, as amended.

Mr HAWKER —Madam Deputy Speaker, I was just getting to that point. But the honourable member for Melbourne seems rather impatient and he does not want to hear about matters when he has been found out. The honourable member for Melbourne made some reference to the Opposition's debate on these amendments. If the honourable member for Melbourne bothered to look back through the Hansard, or even use a bit of recall, he would find that there was no debate on these amendments. So I do not know quite how he was able to bring in all the additional material that he did when he was talking about what the Opposition said about the amendments. There was no debate on the amendments.

Mr Leo McLeay —There was a division.

Mr HAWKER —There was no debate. We talk about the amendments to this legislation and what they will do. I would like to say to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (Mr Holding) that I was very disappointed that he did not take up the point brought up by the Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills in his second reading speech.

Madam DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member is out of order. He may comment only on the amended clauses. I warn the honourable member and every honourable member in this House that if any honourable member again moves from debating the amended clauses in this third reading debate, he or she will be seated forthwith.

Mr HAWKER —I just want to wind up very quickly. These amendments still do not get to the point that the honourable member for Bradfield (Mr Connolly) made that the Government is grandstanding on this matter. In fact, the State government could have transferred the title by regulation. The whole thing has been a put up job by the Labor Party to try to get publicity for its failures in other areas.