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Thursday, 30 April 1987
Page: 2411

(Question No. 4955)

Mr Braithwaite asked the Minister for Trade, upon notice, on 28 November 1986:

(1) How many Trade Commissioners resigned in 1985 and 1986.

(2) What were the ages of Trade Commissioners who resigned during these years.

(3) How do these resignations compare with resignations in previous years.

(4) Has his Department or the Australian Trade Commission estimated how many resignations were attributable to dissatisfaction with the new formula which redetermined tax free allowances payable to Trade Commissioners.

Mr Dawkins —The answer to the honourable member's questions is as follows:

(1) 1985-4, with one subsequently re-employed; 1986-9.

(2) 1985-38, 37, 38 and 35; 1986-33, 33, 44, 35, 39, 37, 40, 39 and 30.

(3) Resignations in 1984 were 4 and one in 1983.

(4) No officer of the Department (prior to 6.1.86) or of the Australian Trade Commission (after 6.1.86) gave as the reason for resignation dissatisfaction with the new allowance system which came into effect on 21 August 1986.