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Thursday, 30 April 1987
Page: 2398

(Question No. 5101)

Mr Lloyd asked the Minister for Aviation, upon notice, on 19 February 1987:

(1) What monies are owing or outstanding to his Department in rent on leases or other forms of agreements for the use of premises at Essendon Airport in the (a) 30 days, (b) 60 days, (c) 90 days, (d) 6 months, (e) 12 months and (f) period greater than 12 months prior to 19 February 1987.

(2) If there are or have been monies outstanding for over 6 months, what are the details of amounts owing, including the name of the debtor and the period of the debt.

(3) What is his Department doing to recoup the monies owing to it.

(4) If his Department is not taking action to recoup outstanding monies, why not.

Mr Peter Morris —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) (a) $3,975; (b) $1,153; (c) $1,467; (d) $374; (e) Nil; (f) $8,877.

(2) Traidaplane Pty Limited

1 January to 22 August 1984




Navitron Pty Limited

1 January to 30 April 1985




(3) There is constant follow-up on outstanding rents, amounts are off-set where the lessee is also a creditor and the resources of the Australian Government Solicitor's Office are utilised in debt recovery.

(4) My Department does and will continue to seek to recover outstanding monies.