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Thursday, 30 April 1987
Page: 2368

(Question No. 4900)

Mr MacKellar asked the Minister for Aviation, upon notice, on 14 November 1986:

(1) Has the Melbourne Airport Scheduling Committee adopted a revised set of scheduling rules for passenger traffic through the international terminal at Melbourne Airport; if so,

(a) do the revised rules limit inward seats to 800 per hour,

(b) when were they adopted and

(c) how is the rescheduled flow rate achieved.

(2) Do scheduling rules exist for all Australian airports with international terminals; if so, what are the prescribed hourly rates for passenger traffic at each terminal.

Mr Peter Morris —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows, with 1 (a) and (c) being combined because they are closely inter-related:

1 (a) and (c) Revised scheduling rules at Melbourne Airport limit the inwards capacity through the international terminal to 800 passengers per hour. The 13 primary Immigration/Customs desks in the international terminal can each process approximately 60 passengers per hour (780 rounded to 800 in total). On average the number of passengers discharged from aircraft on scheduled international flights into Melbourne is equivalent to approximately 40% of the seating capacity of these aircraft, the remaining 60% comprising transit passengers and unfilled seats. On this basis 2000 seats may be landed per hour.

(b) Revised scheduling rules were adopted on 20 March 1986 by the Melbourne Airport Scheduling Committee and became effective from 26 October 1986.

(2) Scheduling rules or guidelines exist for the major international terminal buildings in Australia. The following flow rates apply:

Sydney ...

1030 passengers per hour

Brisbane ...

600 passengers per hour

Perth ...

720 passengers per hour

Adelaide ...

235 passengers per hour

Cairns ...

180 passengers per hour

Townsville ...

160 passengers per hour

Darwin ...

160 passengers per hour