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Thursday, 30 April 1987
Page: 2284

Mr JOHN BROWN —I wish to add to an answer I gave yesterday to the honourable member for McPherson. I am quite happy to answer the question but I was not quite sure of the answer yesterday and did not want to give the honourable member inaccurate information. But I am pleased to tell the House that, as usual, he was wrong. Honourable members will not be surprised about that-he was wrong again. He asked me about the earnings of professional sportsmen resident in Australia playing sport overseas. The answer simply is that the tournament winnings of Australian resident sportsmen playing overseas are taxed as personal services income. This means that while tax is payable in Australia credit is received for any tax, for example, withholding tax, payable in the foreign country in the case of all countries with whom we have a double tax treaty-and that involves almost all the developed countries.

Mr White —They have to pay again.

Mr JOHN BROWN —They do not pay again. They get a credit for the tax that they pay overseas.

Mr White —But they still have to pay again on the money they bring in.

Mr JOHN BROWN —They do not have to pay again at all. I will give the honourable member the full answer in writing. He is wrong again.