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Tuesday, 28 April 1987
Page: 2064

Mr WHITE —I again direct a question to the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism; I want to give him a chance to answer a question that I asked previously. Will the Minister confirm or deny that the matter of the audio-visual contract for the Australian Pavilion at Expo has been discussed outside Cabinet since 3 April? Will the Minister assure the House that at no time since that date has he tried to avoid or circumvent the committee's recommendations or to promote the cause of an overseas company?

Mr JOHN BROWN —It is fairly well known that my own predilection was for the American company. I have made no secret of that. When there was a dispute about the decision that the first committee had reached, I then appointed an independent committee and I even invited the honourable member for McPherson to suggest a person to go on that committee, which suggestion, of course, he ignored. I received a report back from that committee, took it to Cabinet, and, at my recommendation, that was accepted. I am not denying in any shape or form that I might have discussed the matters that were considered by that committee-and I cannot see any reason why I should not.