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Tuesday, 24 March 1987
Page: 1435

Mr CHYNOWETH(10.18) —In tonight's adjournment debate I take the opportunity to give an example of what I believe most politicians have-a sixth sense about psychology. Just before the outbreak of the Second World War one of the national leaders of Europe said:

For over five years this man has been chasing around Europe like a madman in search of something he could set on fire. Unfortunately, again and again he finds hirelings who open the gates of their country to this international incendiary.

On hearing this particular passage one automatically thinks of Adolf Hitler. However, this speech was made by Hitler about Churchill just before the outbreak of World War II. It is known that people very often project onto others their own inner feelings and their own problems, and blame others for their own inadequacies. They do this unconsciously and thereby never really resolve the inner turmoil and, therefore, are never at peace with themselves or with others.

In a speech directed at the Government and given in this House on 24 February 1987, the following words were uttered during the 20-minute speech. I shall read them to honourable members. They are: `Burden, imposed, failure, total inability, serious problems, misled, going broke, no longer, unable, misdoing, errors and inactivity, mistakes, fault, unable to cope, reshuffle, bully boy, wimp, could not, flaws, improprieties, maladministration, policy farce, gloomy future, out in the cold, discord, fell behind, blame, tatty image, lowest, empty rhetoric, economic vandalism, crisis, collapsing, chaos, discarded, out of control, ground down, put under strain, been split, disturbing attempts, opportunity will be lost'. Those words describe the Opposition parties very well in the light of what has happened during the last two weeks. The speech was made by the Leader of the National Party, the right honourable member for New England (Mr Sinclair) just over one month ago. It is interesting, is it not?