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Thursday, 26 February 1987
Page: 850

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Attorney-General)(6.20) —in reply-I thank honourable members for their contributions in support of the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Amendment Bill 1986. This Bill contains an amendment of a technical nature to overcome some of the difficulties that have been experienced. Some members were anxious to mention the work load of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal occasioned by the work that is now being given to it in taxation matters. The capacity of this Tribunal is shown by the fact that we have now inherited some 90,000 cases from the taxation boards of review, which shows that there was a log-jam somewhere, and the Tribunal has been able to cope with them. In many cases justice is often delayed because there is no opportunity to talk to the parties. All this means that at present we are very anxious to streamline the administration of justice. The most important thing always is to find alternative methods of dispute resolution, and we are working on that as well. Again I thank honourable members for their tolerance. There has been a limitation of time, but we have other legislation to deal with, and I would be very pleased if we could now pass this Bill.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Bill read a second time.