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Friday, 20 February 1987
Page: 485

Mr SLIPPER(4.00) —For most working people the sound of the telephone--

Motion (by Mr Holding) agreed to:

That the question be now put.

Mr Tim Fischer —Mr Deputy Speaker, I raise a point of order. I put it to you that at no stage have you put to the House the question that the question be now put. Therefore, we have had no opportunity to call for a division on the fundamental first question that the question be now put.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! There is no point of order. The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs moved that the question be put. I then put the question and it was carried. One honourable member asked for a division but it requires two honourable members.

Mr Tim Fischer —We did. We were sitting on the front bench. We asked for a division from the front bench.


Question put:

That the House do now adjourn.

In division-

The House divided-

(Mr Deputy Speaker-Mr Leo McLeay)

Ayes ... 70

Noes ... 43

Majority ... 27


Baldwin, P. J.

Jakobsen, C. A.

Beazley, K. C.

Jenkins, H. A.

Beddall, D. P.

Jones, Barry

Bilney, G. N.

Keating, P. J.

Blanchard, C. A.

Kelly, R. J.

Blewett, N.

Keogh, L. J.

Bowen, Lionel

Kerin, J. C.

Brown, John

Lamb, A. H.

Brown, Robert

Langmore, J. V.

Brumby, J. M.

Lee, M.

Campbell, G.

Lindsay, E. J.

Charles, D. E.

McHugh, J.

Charlesworth, R. I.

Maher, M. J.

Chynoweth, R. L.

Martin, S. P.

Cleeland, P. R.

Mayer, H.

Cross, M. D.

Mildren, J. B.

Cunningham, B. T. (Teller)

Milton, P.

Darling, E. E.

Morris, Allan

Dubois, S. G.

Morris, Peter

Duffy, M. J.

Mountford, J. G.

Duncan, P.

O'Keefe, N. P.

Fatin, W. F.

O'Neil, L. R. T.

Fitzgibbon, E. J.

Price, L. R. S.

Free, R. V.

Punch, G. F.

Gayler, J.

Saunderson, J.

Gear, G.

Scholes, G. G. D.

Gorman, R. N. J.

Simmons, D. W.

Grace, E. L.

Snow, J. H.

Griffiths, A. G.

Staples, P. R.

Hand, G. L.

Theophanous, A. C.

Hayden, W. G.

Tickner, R. E.

Holding, A. C.

Uren, T.

Hollis, C.

West, S. J.

Howe, B. L.

Willis, R.

Humphreys, B. C. (Teller)

Wright, K. W.


Aldred, K. J.

Katter, R. C.

Beale, J. H.

Lloyd, B.

Blunt, C. W.

McArthur, F. S.

Braithwaite, R. A.

McGauran, P. J.

Brown, N. A.

MacKellar, M. J. R.

Burr, M. A.

Miles, C. G.

Cadman, A. G.

Millar, P. C.

Cameron, Ewen (Teller)

Moore, J. C.

Carlton, J. J.

Nehl, G. B.

Cobb, M. R.

Peacock, A. S.

Coleman, W. P.

Reith, P. K.

Dobie, J. D. M.

Shack, P. D.

Edwards, Harry

Sharp, J.

Fife, W. C.

Shipton, R. F.

Fischer, Tim

Sinclair, I, McC.

Halverson, R. G.

Slipper, P. N.

Hawker, P. D. M.

Smith, W.

Hicks, N. J. (Teller)

Sullivan, K. J.

Hodges, J. C.

Watson, D. J. H.

Hodgman, W. M.

Webster, A. P.

Hunt, R. J. D.

White, P. N. D.

Jull, D. F.


Dawkins, J. S.

Cameron, Ian

Cohen, B.

Andrew, J. N.

Honourable members interjecting-

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! I remind honourable members that there is some argument about whether the things that honourable members say whilst a division is being conducted attract parliamentary privilege. Honourable members might take that on board.

Question so resolved in the affirmative.

House adjourned at 4.09 p.m.