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Tuesday, 17 February 1987
Page: 93

(Question No. 4918)

Mr Connolly asked the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, upon notice, on 19 November 1986:

(1) What funding has been provided to the Kalkadoon Tribal Council by his Department or the Aboriginal Development Commission (ADC).

(2) To what projects of the Council have departmental or ADC funds been allocated and have the projects been completed within budget.

(3) Does his Department know of any other funding provided to the Council under other government programs.

(4) What action is proposed by his Department to assume control over matters relating to the Council.

(5) Who are the members of the Council.

(6) Does the Council adequately represent the interests of the Kalkadoon people.

(7) Is it a fact that division exists within the community over representation of Aboriginal interests; if so, what is being done to (a) overcome this division and (b) establish a responsible representative group in the Mount Isa region.

Mr Holding —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) The Department of Aboriginal Affairs has provided $89,800 to the Kalkadoon Tribal Council (KTC) since its inception in 1983/84. The $89,800 includes $27,400 for the current financial year which has not all been released as departmental releases are processed on a quarterly basis.

The Aboriginal Development commission (ADC) provided $1,500 in 1983/84.

(2) The departmental funding has been of a recurrent nature and is as follows:


1983/84 Establishment Grant...


1984/85 Employ and Train a Media and Field Officer for 12 months...


1985/86 Employ Administrator...


1986/87 Employ Administrator...




The ADC funding of $1,500 was to cover establishment and incorporation costs.

Projects have generally been completed within budget with negligible overexpenditure in one year followed by a small surplus in the next year.

(3) The Department of Employment and Industrial Relations has provided $155,140 for a Community Employment Project under the Aboriginal segment of the Commonwealth component.

The Council has also received a grant of $3,247 from the Public Broadcasting Foundation.

(4) None.

(5) The Council has 69 members throughout Queensland and the current Board of Directors is: Alf Barton, Clayton Hewitt, Reggie Sam, Alice Singh, Roxalee Price, Ronald Condren, Topsy Harry, Bing Malcolm, Patricia Kyle, George Thorpe, Puddley Condren, May Taylor.

(6) There is often argument about whether a particular organisation adequately represents those people in whose interest it was established. I am aware that this is the case with the KTC as it is with some other organisations in the Mount Isa area.

(7) I am aware that divisions exist within the Mount Isa Aboriginal Community. My Department has a role in resolving community divisions while at the same time ensuring that the rules and guidelines associated with government funding are observed. The objective of this process is that a number of responsible and representative groups will operate in Mount Isa.