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Tuesday, 17 February 1987
Page: 64

(Question No. 4692)

Ms McHugh asked the Minister for Territories, upon notice, on 25 September 1986:

(1) What was the (a) number of person hours involved in and (b) cost of outside contract surveying and drafting services used by his Department and instrumentalities responsible to him in (i) 1984-85, (ii) 1985-86 and (iii) 1986 to date, including work contracted out to the Australian Survey Office and the Department of Housing and Construction.

(2) Are there any instances where surveying or drafting requirements have not been satisfied due to limitations on the resources of (a) his Department or instrumentalities responsible to him, (b) the Australian Survey Office or (c) the Department of Housing and Construction; if so, what are they.

Mr Scholes —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

The information requested concerning different areas within my portfolio which have used surveying and drafting services of the Australian Survey Office, the Department of Housing and Construction or outside contractors is as follows:

Transport and Works Division

ACT Water Supply and Sewerage (Transferred to Territories from Department of Housing and Construction on 12 December 1985):

1 (a) (i) NA; (ii) 8,540 hours from 12/12/85 to 30/6/86; (iii) 5,285 hours (to 1/10/86).

(b) (i) NA; (ii) $127,900 from 12/12/85 to 30/6/86; (iii) $81,300 to (1/10/86).

ACT Emergency Service

(a) (i) 120 hours; (ii) 80 hours; (iii) Nil.

(b) (i) $5,500; (ii) $3,500; (iii) Nil.

Phosphate Mining Corporation of Christmas Island

(a) (i) 500 hours; (ii) 500 hours; (iii) 32 hours (to 30/10/86).

(b) (i) $10,946; (ii) $21,026; (iii) $13,517 (to 30/10/86).

Note: the mismatch between hours and dollars arises because payments are not made immediately.

ACT Cemeteries Trust

(a) (i) Nil; (ii) 65 hours; (iii) Nil.

(b) (i) Nil; (ii) $1,948; (iii) Nil.

National Capital Development Commission

(a) (i) 22,328 hours; (ii) 57,201 hours; (iii) 14,224 hours (to 30/9/86).

(b) (i) $401,906; (ii) $1,029,637; (iii) $256,048 (to 30/9/86).

ACT Electricity Authority

(a) (i) 5,952 hours; (ii) 8,537 hours; (iii) 2,056 hours (to 30/9/86).

(b) (i) $75,523.75; (ii) $117,864.16; (iii) $24,491.07 (to 30/9/86).

2 (a) No.

(b) The Australian Survey Office is responsible for the staffing and funding of its surveying services.

(c) The Department of Housing and Construction is responsible for the staffing and funding of its drafting services.

The cost of answering this question is estimated at $930.