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Tuesday, 17 February 1987
Page: 31

(Question No. 4848)

Mr Cobb asked the Minister for Science, upon notice, on 23 October 1986:

(1) Has Mr Ken Davidson been commissioned to write a report for the Commission for the Future; if so, what is the nature of the assignment.

(2) Will he receive payment from the Government for the assignment; if so, how much.

(3) What criteria were used to select Mr Davidson for the assignment.

(4) Were other persons considered for the task; if so, who were they.

(5) Are other journalists funded by his Department to undertake projects; if so, (a) who, (b) for what projects and (c) what remuneration is paid to them.

Mr Barry Jones —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Yes, Mr Ken Davidson has been commissioned to write a report for the Commission for the Future. The nature of Mr Davidson's assignment was to prepare a position paper for a national conference on `Futures in Education' held in mid November 1986, jointly sponsored by the Commission and the Hawthorn Institute of Education.

(2) Mr Davidson has received payment of $2,550 for this assignment.

(3) The criteria used was the consultant's capacity to meet the objectives of the conference as outlined in the conference planning and program. Mr Davidson was selected for his background as an economist and writer. The selection was made by the conference organising committee, which included Professor Headley Beare of Melbourne University; Mr Noel Gough, Senior Lecturer, State College of Victoria, Rusden; and Mr Peter Auer, Centre for Curriculum, Hawthorn Institute of Education.

(4) Yes, other persons were considered for the task. They were Mr Bill Hannan, Chairman of the State Board of Education and Mr Colin Thiele, writer and educationist from South Australia. Both were unavailable.


(a) Mr Charles Wright

(b) Compilation of Press Kit

(c) $2,280

(b) Preparation of Report on the Commission's Management Futures for Australia Seminar in Melbourne 25 February 1986

(c) $3,650

(b) Preparation of Report on the Commission's Technological change and the Future of Australia's Cities Seminar in Adelaide 14 February 1986

(c) $4,500

(b) Preparation of Information Kit-`Future Options'

(c) $5,900

(b) Preparation of articles on issues covering the future which may arise on an `ad hoc' basis

(c) $3,870

(b) Preparation of Report on the Commission's `Education, Entrepreneurship and the Future-the Needs of the Small Business Sector' Seminar, in Hobart 20 August 1986

(c) $4,000

(a) Margaret Wertheim

(b) Preparation of report on Commission's `Technological Futures for Women' Seminar held in Sydney on 21 May 1986.

(c) $2,870.40