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Friday, 28 November 1986
Page: 3941

Mr YOUNG (Leader of the House)(10.03) —I move:

That standing order 48A, adjournment of the House, as amended by sessional order, be suspended for this sitting.

My understanding is that, if business proceeds as predicted in the other place, it will not be necessary for the House to sit any longer than is set down already, but just as a precaution we find this move necessary. I am hopeful that that evacuation team you talked about, Madam Speaker, can be used at about half past four to get us all out.

Mr Reith —You would like to use it earlier, would you?

Mr YOUNG —No, as a matter of fact I would be quite happy to stay here. I have never seen the Manager of Opposition Business, the right honourable member for New England (Mr Sinclair), looking so debonair. He has borrowed a suit from our Foreign Minister (Mr Hayden). Quite frankly, he is dressed more like a Lib than a National Party bloke. Anyhow, all honourable members will be pleased to know that we do not think this measure will be required. Nevertheless, as a precaution, and for the benefit of honourable members who want to deal with all the legislation, I have so moved.