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Wednesday, 26 November 1986
Page: 3800

Mr SPENDER(6.12) —I take this opportunity to raise one matter with the Attorney-General (Mr Lionel Bowen). My recollection is-I do not have the report before me so I must rely upon my recollection-that the Director of Public Prosecutions, in his most recent report, referred to an interdepartmental study of the Costigan recommendations which I believe he said was included in about July last year. That interdepartmental examination has not seen the light of day. My recollection is that he said: `I was a member of it', that is, the Director of Public Prosecutions was a member of it, and that he would be interested in knowing what was happening. I raise that question again in the context of delay, just as I raised the Taillon amendment. I have heard what the Attorney-General has said. I am glad that we will have an amendment. I point out that we will not have one this session and, if there is any doubt on the subject, it will be one and a half years before that doubt is closed. It could be closed very quickly. Regardless of what views the bureaucrats may take amongst themselves as to what should be done, the Minister must make a decision. Ministers were aware of this problem back in July 1985. I would be very glad if the Attorney-General could indicate what is happening in regard to this interdepartmental examination of Costigan's recommendations, some of which go back, I believe, to as late as the latter part of 1983 and all of which were included in his final report.