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Wednesday, 26 November 1986
Page: 3741

Mr HUNT(11.41) —It is an extraordinary state of affairs when the Government tries to bring in by stealth--

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! I seek some clarification here. I ask the question again regarding all the Bills: Is it the wish of the House to deal with each of these Bills separately or together?

Mr N.A. Brown —Separately.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —If that is the wish of the House, that is the course that will be followed.

Mr HUNT —I think the Minister for Science (Mr Barry Jones) is very remiss in coming into the House and attempting to introduce into this place a practice that may be in force in the Senate. It is something that the Opposition parties would never have done or got away with when they were in government and I cannot understand why the Government has done it. I know that there are practical reasons and that the Government is trying to save time but it ignores the general practice and procedures of this House. I can understand why the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr N.A. Brown) has taken the position he has on the issue. Having said that, I wish to devote most of my attention to the Fertilisers Subsidy Bill 1986.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —I stress that there are some difficulties associated with the Opposition's rejection of the proposition that the Bills be dealt with cognately. I think the honourable member for Gwydir, the Deputy Leader of the National Party, has actually encountered one.

Mr N.A. Brown —Because the Government will not make second reading speeches on the Bills. That is the only reason for it.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! Does the honourable member for Gwydir wish to speak to the Bounty (Ship Repair) Bill?

Mr HUNT —No, I am not addressing myself to that Bill.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Very well. I call the honourable member for Ryan.