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Thursday, 6 October 1983
Page: 1446

Mr PEACOCK —My question is directed to the Special Minister of State. I say in passing that the hysteria displayed by the Prime Minister today is akin to the hysteria with which he conducted himself yesterday. The ludicrous expression of absolutely fabricated moral outrage which flowed through his statement yesterday was the same as that produced today.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The Leader of the Opposition should address his question.

Mr PEACOCK —I come to the question addressed to the Special Minister of State. Were there not discussions and communications relating to the New South Wales prison release scandal between members of this Government and members of the New South Wales Labor Government and the New South Wales Labor Party other than the former Minister's discussions with the Acting Premier? In his haste to dump the matter on the New South Wales Government and before giving his further answer to the House on Tuesday night, did he discuss such allegations with his predecessor or with other members of his Party to check the veracity of the allegations? Will he now advise the House who held such discussions both before and after his predecessor's meeting with the Acting Premier?

Mr BEAZLEY —I do not know of any discussions that have passed between Ministers of this Government and Ministers of the New South Wales Government about this matter aside from the discussions that I referred to in the answer that I gave in the House. If the honourable gentleman has some advice for me in that regard I would appreciate his giving it to me, but I am not aware of any discussions that have passed between a Minister of this Government and a Minister of the Government of New South Wales on that matter since that time. I have certainly had none myself. I must admit that the line of questioning mystifies me. If the Leader of the Opposition can assist me in this regard I would be pleased if he would do so.