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Thursday, 15 September 1983
Page: 897

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Minister for Trade) —Mr Speaker, I seek your indulgence to assist the honourable member opposite.

Mr SPEAKER —I call the Minister.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —I want to help the Opposition in this matter. Everybody knows I made those statements yesterday. I do not deny them. I guarantee that the fact that they are not in Hansard will be corrected immediately. There is no problem about that. I do not know why the Leader of the Opposition (Mr Peacock) was so worried about the matter. I said: 'We agree to disagree on a few minor matters'. Everybody in the House heard me say it. Surely the honourable gentleman does not want me to say that I did not say it. I did say it and it ought to be in the Hansard. In respect of the other matter-the supercilious attitude of the Leader of the Opposition to the Middle East-it is well known that I would obviously, intelligently and appropriately castigate him for all his supercilious actions when he was Foreign Minister and also when his Government failed to take appropriate action in the Middle East.

Mr Peacock —I was not the Foreign Minister then.

Mr LIONEL BOWEN —The honourable gentleman is to be castigated about the time when he was Foreign Minister.