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Wednesday, 7 September 1983
Page: 529

Mr GOODLUCK(7.46) —Tasmania is an island and the smallest State of Australia; 400,000 people live there. I am a Tasmanian; I was born and reared in Tasmania; I married a Tasmanian and all my children and family are Tasmanians. Today the Prime Minister (Mr Hawke) had the audacity to say to me three times in a row that I am ashamed to be a Tasmanian.

Mr Cunningham —That is what you said.

Mr GOODLUCK —I admit that I said it and I will tell honourable members the reason why I said it. It is good to see my colleagues in the chamber because they know that I am a Tasmanian through and through. The Prime Minister, our Dorian Gray, came to Tasmania with his circus. It was all pre-planned. At Strahan people kissed him, and at Queenstown people gave him gifts. The media were orchestrated to say exactly what the Prime Minister wanted them to say.

The Prime Minister is not as popular in Tasmania as members of the Government would like to think he is. I am sorry to say that he is very unpopular. I challenge him to debate any platform with me at any time in any part of Tasmania . We shall find out whether the people of Tasmania think that I am ashamed to be a Tasmanian. I said it, but I said it in the context of the events at the time. They made me feel a little sick because it was a con job. I do not want to be nasty to the fellow. That would not be fair because he is not here. He can give it and I can take it. I can give it and I am afraid that he has to take it too. He thought that he would con everybody in Tasmania, but he did not con everybody in Tasmania. A lot of people were very upset. I did not want people to go into the streets and abuse the man, throw tomatoes and things like that. That was the furthest thing from my mind. I did want Tasmanains to put up a little fight and not be like the three women in Queenstown who kissed him or be like some of the greenies who gave him gifts in Strahan. That put a wrong complexion on the matter. The worse thing was that Hopalong Cassidy from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation kept sending back reports such as 'Mr Hawke has conquered everybody', 'He walks on water' or 'He is the Messiah'.

Mr Uren —Gough used to do that.

Mr GOODLUCK —It was like Gough. They were not the feelings of the Tasmanian people. Everybody in Australia said that the Prime Minister had conquered Tasmania. He has not conquered Tasmania at all.

Mr McGauran —He never will.

Mr GOODLUCK —He never will conquer Tasmania. He is getting more like Dorian Gray . An elderly gentleman said: 'Bruce, I did not study the classics like you did. What is the story of Dorian Gray?' I said: 'Dorian Gray sold his soul to the devil and each year the picture on the wall depicted the scars'. I am not saying the Prime Minister is a sinful man. Forgive me if I should say that. He sold his soul to the devil with the non-construction of the dam. He has suppressed the people of Tasmania. He has walked all over them and now he expects everybody to bow at this feet, but we do not intend to do that. I make no apology for what I said when he came down to Tasmania. I do not want to be seen as a malicious, nasty little man. I am not. But when I say something I mean it. He can give it, I can take it and by the powers he is going to take it every time I get on my feet.