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Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Medical Devices and Other Measures) Bill 2008 [2009]

Schedule 2 Emergency exemption for therapeutic goods that are not medical devices


Therapeutic Goods Act 1989

1  Subsection 18A(9A)

Repeal the subsection, substitute:

Exemption not a legislative instrument

          (9A)  An exemption under subsection (1) is not a legislative instrument.

Informing persons of exemption etc.

          (9B)  If the Minister makes an exemption under subsection (1), the Minister must take reasonable steps to give a copy of the following to each person covered by paragraph (7)(d):

                     (a)  the exemption;

                     (b)  any revocation or variation of the exemption under this section.

2  Paragraphs 18A(10)(b) and (11)(b)

Omit “subsection (8)”, substitute “this section”.

3  Subsection 57(10)

Omit “paragraph 18A(2)(a)”, substitute “subsection 18A(1)”.

4  Application

(1)       The amendment made by item 1 applies in relation to an exemption made on or after the commencement of that item.

(2)       The amendment made by item 2 applies in relation to a revocation or variation made on or after the commencement of that item (whether the exemption was made before, on or after that commencement).