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Migration Legislation Amendment (Student Visas) Bill 2012

Schedule 1 Amendments


Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000

1  Section 5


contact details of a person who becomes or is an accepted student means:

                     (a)  the person’s current residential address; and

                     (b)  the person’s mobile phone number (if any); and

                     (c)  the person’s email address (if any).

2  Paragraph 19(1)(a)

After “name”, insert “, contact details”.

3  After subsection 19(1)


          (1A)  A registered provider must give the Secretary particulars of any change in the contact details or other prescribed details of an accepted student within 14 days after the provider becomes aware of the change.

4  Subsection 20(1)

Omit “A registered”, substitute “Subject to subsection (4A), a registered”.

5  After subsection 20(4)


          (4A)  A registered provider must not send a notice under subsection (1) on or after the day this subsection commences.

Migration Act 1958

6  Subsection 137J(1) (note)

Omit “Note:”, substitute “Note 1:”.

7  At the end of subsection 137J(1)


Note 2:       Under subsection 20(4A) of that Act, a registered provider must not send a notice on or after the day that subsection commences.