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Friday, 23 November 1979

Senator Chipp asked the Minister representing the Minister for Post and Telecommunications, upon notice, on 23 October 1979:

(   1 ) How many country telephone exchanges have waiting lists for new subscribers.

(2)   What effect does this situation have on the efforts of country towns to attract new businesses, and what steps are being taken to enlarge those country telephone exchanges which are unable to meet the demand for telephone services.

Senator Chaney - The Minister for Post and Telecommunications has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1)   and (2) There are, in all, over I.S4 million telephone services connected to some 5,050 country telephone exchanges with about 7,700 applications awaiting connection pending the completion of major cable and equipment relief. It would be impracticable to break these statistics down to individual telephone exchanges in a reasonable time. Telecom believes, however, that the incidence of applicants who cannot be provided with service without delay is such that it would not have any significant effect on the efforts of country towns to attract business. The latest studies show that for country areas, the average time taken to effect a new telephone service was of the order of 1 3 to 26 working days. This delay period is naturally longer in some country areas.

Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory (Question No. 2113)

Senator Wriedt asked the Attorney-General, upon notice, on 23 October 1 979:

(   1 ) Has a decision been made about the location of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

(2)   Has the old Hotel Canberra building been selected as the site for the Supreme Court of the ACT; if so, where is it intended to relocate the Parliament House Staff currently located in the old Hotel Canberra building.

(3)   What other sites have been examined for the ACT Supreme Court building, and, if any others have been considered, what were the reasons for any rejection of them.

Senator Durack - The Attorney-General has provided the following answers to the honourable senator's questions:

(1)   Yes. The Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is to be located on portion of Section 1 8 bounded by London Circuit, Vernon Circle, the extension of Edinburgh Avenue access and the present Police Headquarters.

(2)   No.

(3)   An extension to the existing Law Courts building was considered. It was rejected because of construction problems and the disruption that would be caused to court proceedings in the existing courts building during construction.

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