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Thursday, 31 May 1979

Senator CAVANAGH (South Australia) -by leave- There is one point which I think should be considered. I think we all agree that the matter should be temporarily adjourned. We all appreciate Senator Carrick 's attitude and the way he has approached this matter. What I am concerned about in regard to this resolution is that it would appear that either Mr Newman or Senator Webster is doing something that we are not allowed to mention in this House. I think that is a most serious charge. I think in fairness Senator Webster should also be present during the debate as he may want to add something after he has seen Mr Newman. Arising out of this motion I anticipate some resolution. I think in fairness we should seek Senator Webster's attendance in order to give him an opportunity to clear his name.

Senator CARRICK(New South WalesMinister for Education)- by leave- I want to be absolutely fair in this matter, and provide no obstruction at all. My only reason for seeking a delay is that I was informed by the Minister for National Development (Mr Newman) that he is going to make a statement. It is clear that the substance of that statement, which I have not seen as yet, is relevant to us all. I would have no objection if the debate on the motion were to start now, but I could not respond until I see the statement. It seems to me that for a reasonable period, perhaps half an hour or a quarter of an hour, the Senate should deal with procedural matters. Then I would faciliate the discussion on the suspension of Standing Orders.

The PRESIDENT - The debate could be adjourned for the time being.

Senator Georges - The Government Whip has the floor at the moment. If he wishes to seek leave to continue his remarks, we could adjourn the matter for a short time.

Senator PETER BAUME - I seek leave to continue my remarks later.

Leave granted; debate adjourned.

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