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Tuesday, 27 October 1964
Page: 1307

Senator ORMONDE (New South Wales) . - I am interested in an item in these estimates which leads me to wonder whether there is a special privileged class being built up in Canberra that we have in no other part of Australia. I refer to Division No. 853, sub-division 5, item 03, Flats - caretaking and maintenance, £73,200. lt appears to me that the Government, which is the landlord, is paying for the caretaking and the maintenance of the flats. I live in the golden half-mile in Sydney where most people, although they pay big rents to their landlords, do not have landlords who clean their fiats out for them. They have to attend to the cleaning of their own flats. It appears that in Canberra, Daddy Christmas - the Commonwealth Government - pays for this work. I would like to know what types of flats these are, and who lives in them. Are they occupied by average citizens, special high salaried public servants or military personnel? If they expect this type of treatment, who are they? I am not referring to the charges for the maintenance of public flats and other flats. I understand those charges. But in this case, it seems to me that these are private individuals living in flats, and the Government pays for the maintenance and cleaning costs of those flats. This does not happen in any other part of Australia. Most landlords would think twice before they would help a tenant in any way at all.

I refer also to sub-division 6, item' 05, school books, stationery and equipment. This appears under Division No. 853, in relation to education. The amount appropriated for 1964-65 is £25,000. Is that amount divided between all schools in Canberra? I mention next item 07 of that subdivision, Canberra Technical College, £167,000. It is a very good idea to have a technical college in Canberra, but I should like to know what kind of tradesmen are being trained. Can the Minister give me some idea of the degree of their success? In Division No. 853 provision is made for £800 for secondary school bursaries.

Senator Anderson - That was the appropriation last year.

Senator ORMONDE - That seems to me to be a very small amount for bursaries under an educational scheme in which provision is made for £21,000 for books. There seems to be some disparity, and I should like an explanation. Provision has been made for the cleaning of schools. Does that item include all schools, private and public?

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