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Thursday, 24 September 1942

Senator CAMERON (Victoria) (Minister for Aircraft Production) .- This morning Senator Amour asked the Minister representing the Minister for Air the following questions : -

1.   Will the Minister lay upon the table of the Senate the papers in connexion with the charge and the subsequent court martial of Aircraftman Max Falstein, M.P.; any dossier held by the Air Force on Aircraftman Max Falstein, M.P., since his enlistment; the service history of Squadron-Leader A. R. Gorrie during this war; and the military history of Squadron -Leader Gorrie during the 1914-18 war?

2.   Has any inquiry been held into SquadronLeader A. R. Gorrie's administration. Ifso, will he lay the papers upon the table of the Senate?

The Minister for Air has furnished the following replies : -

1.   As the proceedings of the court martial were open to the public, I have no objection to their being laid on the table of the Senate if the Senate so desires. As personal files of members of the Air Force contain many confidential particulars concerning parentage, medical examinations and history, and other personal details, it would be contrary to all service practice to make public documents of such a confidential nature.

2.   No.

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