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Thursday, 24 September 1942

As the women of our group considered this reply just as unsatisfactory as the two previous ones, they delegated me to travel to Canberra and try to get some satisfaction. You know the result of that effort.

The lectures referred to relate to a. course of lectures given by Dr. Norman Haire, alias Wykeham Terriss, alias Zion, alias Zajac,

The following information is taken from the FreePress, January, 1938. An organization whose activities are of growing importance, is that which describes itself as the " Federation of Progressive Societies and Individuals ". Its new president is Mr. W. B. Curry, headmaster of the Co-educational School at Dartington Hall, South Devon. Other supporters arc Beverly Nichols, Julian and Aldous Huxley, Rebecca West, Dr. Norman Haire, &c, &c.

An extract taken from it runs as follows: - As many people are so old-fashioned as to believe that the family is the basis of civilization, and as this is a great stumbling block in the advancement of communist doctrines, the Federation devotes a great deal of its attention to sexual matters. The social aims include - Legislation to secure (1) Reform of divorce laws; (2) legislation of abortion, with proper safeguards; (3) abolition of laws penalizing abnormality: (4) provision of facilities for voluntary sterilization; adequate provision of information on facilities for birth control; abolition of literary, dramatic and film censorship: abolition of blasphemy laws, &c, &c.

The rest of the aims of the society are the usual Communist ideas, including the setting up of a World Parliament.

He has also written a book, extracts from which definitely support " Compassionate Marriage" and polygamy. He says if the State supported the children from funds provided by taxation of all citizens, male and female, whether married or unmarried, it would be of no economic consequence which of the husbands were the father of any particular child.

By the time you have waded through this correspondence you will probably be as sick at heart as I am after typing it, but I feel sure you will realize why our women are so determined that Christian ideals shall be maintained in Australia. We intend to fight till the last drop of blood is extracted from us an the effort.

I am enclosing a copy of the lectures. They have been checked by the Chief Secretary and the police, so you will know that they are authentic.

The following is a copy of a letter written by Miss Marsden to the Rt. Hon. W. M. Hughes, M.H.R., Parliamentary Representative for North Sydney, Parliament House, Canberra.

Dear Mr. Hughes,

There is now another matter for your immediate attention as my parliamentary representative.

In the recent Widows' Pension Act 1942, a clause - apparently with your consent, as I see no speech by you when the matter was before the House - has been inserted giving governmental recognition and legal status to persons of loose morals. " Mistresses " - called in the act de facto widows - are to receive pensions at 50 years of age, provided they can prove that they have lived as a man's mistress for three years.

Honest spinsters are not eligible for a pension at this age, but are expected to contribute towards the maintenance of immoral women who cannot even bestow on their offspring the child's minimum right in a Christian community of legalized parenthood, together with the training belonging to properly constituted family life.

Is this your view, sir, of this Christian State? Are you prepared to compel Christian men and women to pay for the encouragement and support of immorality in the community? It is not my view, and, therefore, I give you direction to take whatever action may be necessary to remove this clause relating to de facto widows from the statute-book.

Yours faithfully,

G.   H. Marsden, B.A.

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