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Friday, 15 May 1936

Senator LECKIE (Victoria) .- The duties provided under this item are to protect an Australian industry recently established. Importations from Great Britain, which, previously, were admitted free, are now subject to a duty of 10 per cent. All materials used are obtained locally.

Senator A J McLACHLAN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - And the manufacturers will have the full benefit of the exchange.

Senator LECKIE - -The manufacturers pay the British price of materials plus 25 per cent. In this instance the Australian manufacturer is entitled to 10 per cent, advantage over the British manufacturer, who has an advantage of 25 per cent, over foreign competitors: That seems rather anomalous. This is an instance in which the Tariff Board could have been more generous, and given the Australian manufacturer the same degree of protection as is afforded to the British manufacturer.

Senator E B Johnston - How many persons are employed in this industry for which Senator Leckie is making an appeal ?

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