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Wednesday, 27 November 1935

Senator DEIN (New South Wales) . - I have no objection to the clause. At the present time, the High Court is the only authority that can say whether an association is unlawful. The first part of the clause to which the Opposition does not object relates to the possession or custody of any documents relating to an unlawful association. The part to which the Opposition takes exception refers particularly to an individual who may know all about the workings of an unlawful association, although, merely because he has not subscribed in writing to its principles, be is not a member of that organization. Such an individual could be just as great a menace to the community us one who was actually a member of the association; he could do its insidious work just as effectively outside the organization, as if he were a member of it. Although, not being technically a member of the organization, he would not have its documents in his possession, he would have much the same knowledge and information a3 a member of it. He may even be a greater menace because of his non-membership, but there would be no way of getting at him if the amendment moved by the Leader of the Opposition (Senator Collings) were carried. Such an individual equally with a member of an organization who actually possesses incriminating documents, must be brought within the scope of the law.

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