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Wednesday, 27 November 1935

Senator LECKIE (Victoria) .- 1 cannot accept the statement of the Assistant Minister (Senator Brennan) that Senator Duncan-Hughes and I. indulged in extra refinements, because the Assistant Minister used an even finer sieve. Other members of the board arc to be persons actually engaged in the industry, and it is essential that all the members of the board should have that qualification. That is a fundamental requirement in any scheme of this kind. I voice my protest against the amendment because I see grave danger of the provisions of the bill being used in the way which I have indicated, and I am concerned to .maintain the principle that those responsible for the carrying on of our export primary industries shall be adequately represented on boards appointed to control the overseas trade. The Assistant Minister seems to be under the impression that the present Ministry will always' be in office. I take a somewhat longer view and envisage the time when it will be displaced by a government which, for purposes of its own, may desire the appointment to the board of persons having nothing whatever to do with the industries concerned. I fail to understand why the Assistant Minister should object to the very small and reasonable amendment which I have requested in order to safeguard the interests of those actually engaged in the meat industry.

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