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Wednesday, 27 November 1935

Senator BRENNAN (Victoria) (Assistant Minister) . - The point raised by Senator Leckie introduces the question of whether we can trust governors in council or the Governor-General in Council to try to operate an act as Parliament intended. The bill does provide for the representation of certain publicly-owned abattoirs, and it is quite true that the Governor-General in Council may remove those representatives. But then, it is equally true that the Government, which is responsible for this bill, need never have introduced it. The Government initiated this legislation for the purpose of expediting and strengthening the control of meat for export in the interests of the whole of the meat trade. The honorable senator must admit the possibility of a deadlock arising as a result of the amendments made to the bill by this chamber. The problem was fo find out how we could overcome the possible difficulty of the GovernorGeneral in Council removing a member of the board and appointing another person who would be prohibited by the mandatory requirements of subclause 10(a) The easiest way out of the difficulty was to keep the control, in the hands of the State by permitting a Governor in Council to nominate some person whose appointment would be subject to the approval of the Governor General. Hence there is a double safeguard. First, a person must be nominated by the Governor in Council of the State, and, secondly, his appointment must be made by the GovernorGeneral in Council. I assure Senator Leckie that the amendment entails no serious risk, such as he envisages. Having regard to the personnel of the board, I assure honorable senators that only men who are associated with the industry will be appointed. If we cannot trust govern.nors in council and the Governor-General in Council to do the right thing in this case we cannot trust them to administer other laws.

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