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Wednesday, 27 November 1935

Senator LECKIE (Victoria) .- These amendments may remove the possibility of a deadlock, but they introduce a very much more dangerous possibility. The object of the measure is to enable the meat-export industry to be managed by those actually engaged in it. Under these amendments the Governor-General in Council may at any time remove any member of the board and appoint a successor who may, or may not, have any knowledge of the meat trade. If the Governor-General in Council did not agree with the political views of the four gentlemen on the board, they could be removed and be replaced by persons whose politics were more acceptable.

Senator Brennan - No; such persons must be nominated by the governments of the States.

Senator LECKIE - The principle cuts both ways. I shall be satisfied if an amendment be made to provide that a nominee to replace a member of the board removed by the Governor-General shall occupy a managerial position in the meat industry. (

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