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Thursday, 15 July 1926

Senator CRAWFORD (QUEENSLAND) (Honorary Minister) - On the 20th May, Senator Barnes asked the Minister representing the Minister for Trade and Customs the following questions: -

1.   What is the price per ton on the wharf, Melbourne, of copper wire bought in London?

2.   What is the price paid for copper wire manufactured in Australia?

3.   What quantity of copper wire has the Government bought since 1st January, 1925, to date?

4.   Where was it produced, and what price per ton was paid for it?

I am now able' to furnish the honorable senator with the following information : -

1.   Some of the British wire was bought by weight and some by the yard. The largest purchaser of British wire was * the Defence Department, but this department only bought 4.22 tons, and report that as the purchases were made in varying quantities from time to time to meet requirements and cover a wide variety of gauges, the rate per ton cannot be shown.

2.   The prices paid for copper wire manufactured in Australia were as follow : - Home and Territories, 26.24 tons, £3,140 3s. Cd.; Postmaster-General, 1516.00 tons, £155,138 5s.; Health, 7J lb., 15s. Id.; Defence, 5.89 tons, £804 10s. 5d. ; Trade and Customs, 95 lb., £7 15s. Hd.; Works and Railways, 19.5 tons, £2,129 10s.

3.   and 4. Since 1st January, 1925, the Government has purchased the quantity of Australian copper wire set out in 2 above, and also the following : - British Copper Wire - Home and Territories, 15,580 yards, £193 14s. 10d., 2.18 tons, £264 12s. Id.; Health, 2 cwt., £17; Defence, 4.22 tons, £1,347 5s. 7d.; Trade and Customs, 81 lb., £4 7s. lid. U.S.A.

Copper Wire - Home .'and Territories, 3,300 yards, £51 ls. 7d. Of Unknown Manufacture - Home and Territories, 5,280 yards, £74; Trade and Customs, 5 lb., 9s. Hd.

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