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Wednesday, 2 June 1926

Senator ANDREW (VICTORIA) - The Minister stated that it was a protective tariff.

Senator ELLIOTT - I have just said that the Customs duty on whisky is a protective measure, but the excise duty is in a different category. It is a revenueproducing duty. It has always been urged that if we increase the Customs duty on any article local prices will advance. In this case that has not occurred.

Senator THOMAS (NEW SOUTH WALES) - What would happen if we gave the Australian distilleries permission to increase the price of Australian whisky ? Would that be as satisfactory to them as this increased duty?

Senator ELLIOTT - No. The effect of any such increase would be to reduce the consumption of Australian whisky, and that would not suit Australian distilleries: Importers are awaiting the decisions readied in this chamber and whether the duties are raised or decreased there will be heavy importations of whisky. They would be foolish to import large quantities while there is a possibility of reduced rates being adopted.

Senator Thompson - It does not make any difference to the importers, as the whisky is kept in bond.

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