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Thursday, 10 June 1915

Senator GARDINER (New South Wales) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) . - I recognise that the services of a drafting officer would be of great use to the Senate, and the suggestion made will be placed before the AttorneyGeneral. Senator Millen, by interjection, has asked what would happen if the services of the officer we have were sought when Ministers required him, and my answer to that is that while we have here an officer of great capacity, and well qualified for work of this' kind, if Min isters were making use of his services, a private member of the Senate could not expect to engage his attention at the same time. In just the same way, if a private member of the Senate had secured his services, another private member could not engage his attention at the same time. The question arises whether there is really enough . drafting work required to warrant the appointment of an additional officer. I do not think that there is. In my opinion the requirements of honorable senators could be reasonably met with the officers we have at the present time. '

Senator Keating - Does the honorable senator not think that Mr. Garran might be relieved of the work of draftsmanship 1

Senator GARDINER - I recognise the value of the work which Mr. Garran does. I do not know how any one man can keep pace with the work of the Crown Law Offices at the present time. There is surely a necessity for some relief in that quarter. The suggestion which has been made is worthy of consideration, and it will be attended to. The remarks made by Senator Keating and other honorable senators support the statement I made as to the custom which has grown up in the Senate, and I thought that Senator Millen and other honorable senators were acquainted with it.

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