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Thursday, 10 June 1915

Senator KEATING (TASMANIA) - -Relative to questions asked by me some time ago with regard to employees at the Colonial Ammunition Company, has the inquiry then promised by the Minister of Defence been made, and, if so, with what result ?

Senator Pearce - What were the questions?

Senator KEATING - If I may be permitted, sir, I will read the questions and answers as they appear in the Journal of 27th May: -

Relative to the following extract from the Footscray Independent of l5th May inst. : "A deputation from the employees of the Colonial Ammunition Company waited on the management this week with a request that German workmen employed should be discharged. The matter will probably be remitted to the Government to decide " -

1.   Is the Minister aware of the circumstances therein detailed? - No.

2.   Is the Government therein referred to the Commonwealth Government? - Not aware which Government is referred to, but presume Commonwealth Government is meant.

3.   Has the matter been " remitted " to that Government ? - No.

4.   Does the company referred to supply the Commonwealth Government with any of its products? - Yes.

5.   Will the Government take steps to prevent Germans being employed in the manufacture of such products as those of the company referred to? - Inquiry will be made, and if any action is necessary it will be taken.

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