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Friday, 11 December 1914

Senator TURLEY - Where were they obtained ?

Senator LYNCH - That is the puzzle, and the Department should explain how they got there. The time has come for us to see that only the best type of settler is encouraged to go to the Territory. When he gets there he should be given all reasonable assistance, because, if men of the wrong class, who will not use the opportunities given to them, are sent there, it will give the Territory a bad name, and their failure will discourage other settlers who would make a success of things from trying their luck there, because they will not know that the men who failed were not of the genuine type. The Minister should see to it that no person is assisted to go to the Territory unless properly credentialled by people who know something about him. I have received applications from men in Western Australia who want to go to the Territory, but I should not dream of recommending them to the Department unless I was absolutely satisfied that when they got there they would make the utmost effort to succeed. It is the duty of the Minister controlling the Department, and of the Government generally, to see that no man is given land in the Territory unless the Minister and the Department are thoroughly satisfied about his bona fides, and that he is a striver down to his boots.

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