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Thursday, 24 February 1977
Page: 496

Mr YOUNG (Port Adelaide) -I continue my remarks about the honourable member for Griffith. He did not look at the impact or the effect of merely adopting some sort of blockbusting system whereby there will be a redistribution every X number of years. Let us relate the clauses together. Honourable members opposite have fallen for the 3-card trick, as the honourable member for Corio (Mr Scholes) has said, by saying that districts of 5000 square kilometres will be looked upon as something separate. The Liberal Party has the opportunity in this Parliament more than in any other parliament since Federation to get on top of the rump in the corner. But again it has capitulated completely to the whims of the National Country Party. The National Country Party has taken the Liberal Party to the dry cleaners again. The Liberal Party does not have a clue what the legislation means. The honourable member for Holt (Mr Yates) who has a shining badge around his neck will have to hand it over to the Labor candidate in 2 years. A lot of the others on that side of the House will have to do the same thing- a lot more than should have. This will occur because they have subjected themselves to the policies of the National Country Party. Members of the Liberal Party should know and realise whenever civil liberties are discussed that the garbage can of politics which sits in the Country Party corner does not give a damn about the civil liberties of members of the Liberal Party any more than it does about the people who support the Labor Party. This is nonsense about5000 square kilometres or an election at large if we cannot agree upon boundaries. What absolute nonsense.

Mr Bourchier - I rise to a point of order. I thought clause 1 1 dealt with elections at large. I cannot quite see the relevance between what the honourable member for Port Adelaide is raving on about and the subject matter of the clause.

Mr YOUNG -It is being tied up beautifully. If the honourable member would just sit and listen -

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Mr Giles).Order! A point of order has been taken. I have not replied to it yet.

Mr YOUNG - I knew that you were going to rule it out of order.

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN- The honourable member for Port Adelaide will resume his seat. It would be alittle easier for the Chair to hear what is going on if there were less conversation and less shouting. I ask the honourable member for Port Adelaide to try to tie his remarks to the clause.

Mr YOUNG -It is impossible to talk about clause 1 1, which provides an escape valve if no agreement is reached on the redistribution, without talking about the rest of the legislation. I stand here and smile at the Liberal Party members who will be going back to their former occupations after the next election because they have subjected themselves to the whims of the National Country Party. They should sit in the corner which members of the National Country Party occupy and allow members of the National Country Party to occupy the benches which the Liberals occupy. In effect that is exactly what has happened. It happens every time we discuss this type of legislation. I cannot believe how time and time again members of the Liberal Party allow themselves to be manipulated by the National Country Party. I can understand it happening with the new members because they are allowed to be stupid. But how about the people who have been here for more than one Parliament? How about the Attorney-General (Mr Ellicott)? He must know what is going on. Members of the Liberal Party are saving the coalition at their own expense. They will lose their seats. Because they cannot agreein comes clause 1 1 -

Mr Bourchier - I take another point of order. I am sorry but I must again ask for your ruling, Mr Deputy Chairman, on this matter. The honourable member for Port Adelaide is talking not one scrap about clause 11. I ask you, Mr Deputy Chairman, to insist that the honourable member talks only about clause 1 1 .

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN- I say to the honourable member for Bendigo that the paragraph note beside clause 1 1 reads: 'Elections at large'. I think that the honourable member for Port Adelaide is pretty on line with elections at large.

Mr YOUNG -I sympathise with the Deputy Chairman after looking at the map of South Australia, the State from which he comes. He should have our sympathy for what might happen in a redistribution. Clause 11 is just an escape clause in case we all cannot agree. But no method of voting is attained. I do not know whether honourable members opposite talked about elections at large in their Party room.


Mr YOUNG -Well obviously the honourable member ought to have listened to his teacher. The honourable member's teacher should not have sat him at the back of the classroom with his boxing gloves on. The honourable member should have been down the front so that he could have listened to what his teacher was saying would happen. Obviously the honourable member has had second thoughts. He is going to give us some ideas on what this clause means. How can the Liberal Party possibly adopt some sort of scheme which relates to area? Do members of the Liberal Party know where the National Country Party will take them next? There are only 2 members of the National Country Party in here at the moment. One is getting a bit on and very cunning and the other bloke still does not know what is going on around him. Do the Liberals know what will happen next? Sam Calder will come in here and say: 'Look, I cannot serve the Northern Territory -

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN- Order! The honourable gentleman should refer to the honourable member for the Northern Territory.

Mr YOUNG -Do members of the Liberal Party know what the honourable member for the Northern Territory will come in here and say? He will say: 'Now that you have started to look at areas how can I look after the Northern Territory myself? I need another 4 members'. What will happen next? With this device the National Country Party with 8 per cent of the vote and 19 per cent of the members will maintain their numbers. The blokes sitting in the back benches and some of the fellows on the front benches are for ta-tas, and they voted for the legislation. The stupidity of members of the Liberal Party in again capitulating to the National Country Party is absolutely beyond me and all my colleagues on this side of the House. They continually capitulate. Whenever legislation of this type is introduced the newspapers say that the Liberal Party will stand up this time. They say that members of the Liberal Party have hairs on their chests. They say that this time the Liberal Party will tell the National Country Party to go to blazes. Each time I say to my colleagues: 'Do not believe that nonsense'. There must be a lot of new journalists in the House and they have to write something. This is the first time they have observed Parliament when this legislation is being introduced. When the crunch comes and Doug Anthony, Ian Sinclair and Peter Nixon walk in all the Libs are ice cream. They melt. They put up their hands. The honourable member for Holt puts up bis hand to say: 'I do not want to serve m the next Parliament. I want to go back to my bee keeping. I am sick and tired of door knocking. I do not like serving my time in the Parliament. The honourable member for Hindmarsh is upsetting me too much. I would rather see the National Country Party have this unequal power in the Parliament'. All the rest of them do the same.

The honourable member for Cook (Mr Dobie) knows what it is like to be out of Parliament. Why on earth did he seek to come back again? The honourable member for Canberra (Mr Haslem) ought to be giving evidence before the House of Representatives Select Committee on Tourism because he surely is a tourist in the national Parliament. This type of legislation has become a national joke and m terms of people's civil liberties it is a national scandal.

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