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Thursday, 5 December 1974

We are promoting the Tourist Industry in Australia. The Australian Tourist Commission has been empowered to promote Australian as well as overseas tourist resorts and services. Grants totalling $l.2m have been approved for 21 tourist projects in all States.

FM Radio Stations

We have announced plans for FM radio stations in Sydney and Melbourne. They will begin transmission of fine music programs this year. Other experimental AM programs are being established by the ABC and the University of Adelaide to develop new areas of programming in publicaccess and educational broadcasting. We have authorised 24 educational radio stations throughout Australia to provide an additional ABC network for country people.

New TV Stations

Eleven new ABC television stations, three new national television translators and two new commercial translator stations have been opened in country areas.

Parliament for Northern Territory

We have established a fully elected Legislative Assembly with nineteen members for the Northern Territory replacing the former partly nominated Legislative Council. We are going ahead with plans to give local autonomy to the Territory over a wide range of Government functions.

Electoral Reform

The Electoral Laws Amendment Bill 1974 was introduced on 13 November 1974. This Bill is designed to introduce substantial reforms to the electoral laws including optional preferential marking of ballot-papers, the registration of political parties, improved facilities for aged and ill electors, a means of obtaining speedier results and the earlier closing of polling booths.

A further Electoral Bill is being prepared relating to the public disclosure of contributions to candidates and political parties and the imposition of limits on expenditure by parties and candidates.

Flood Mitigation

We have set up a natural disasters organisation to coordinate our relief measures for floods and bushfires and other natural disasters. We have made available $66m to Queensland for flood relief, the largest grant ever made for a natural disaster in Australia.

Beef Roads

We have approved a new three year program costing $24m for beef export roads for Northern Australia.

Comment by Public Servants

The Government has given public servants greater freedom of speech. It has repealed the regulations which imposed a total prohibition on public comment by public servants 'upon any administrative action or upon the administration of any Department'.


1.   Rural Industries

In accordance with the recommendations made by Sir John Crawford as embodied in the Industries Assistance Commission Act 1973 the Government has referred, for the first time, references to the Industries Assistance Commission which directly concern rural industries. These include references on rural reconstruction, rural products promotion, rural research in the dairy industry, and on whether any assistance should be given to reduce fluctuations in the incomes of rural producers.

2.   Mining Industry

The Government has asked the Industries Assistance Commission to determine the effect of taxation concessions and royalties on the development and efficiency of the petroleum and mining industries and whether the Australian Government should accord those industries assistance by way of differential taxation treatment. The Government has also asked the Industries Assistance Commission to inquire into taxation treatment for the production of gold in particular.

3.   Motor Vehicle Industry

On 14 November 1 974 a new plan to assist and strengthen the Australian motor industry was announced. It is the Government's intention that the new policy would operate for ten years and would therefore provide a stable framework within which industry would confidently plan. No previous Government has undertaken to provide the local industry with a single plan which will help the local industry with its long term planning.

No previous Government has opened its decision-making process to such intensive public scrutiny so that all affected parties could examine and submit their views to the Government on such an important matter as the Industries Assistance Commission's recommendations on the Passenger Motor Vehicle Industry.

4.   Performing Arts

In October a reference wassent to the Industries Assistance Commission covering the question of assistance for the Performing Arts in Australia. For the purpose of the inquiry performing arts included live performances of ballet, dance, opera, music, drama, music hall, vaudeville, puppetry and the like.

5.   Footwear

Temporary import restrictions imposed ( 18 Ocober 1974) to assist the local footwear industry.


Advisory Committee on Approved Employers for In. ustrial Research and Development Grants

Australian Housing Standards Advisory Council

Australian National Advisory Committee on International Women's Year

Committee of Inquiry into Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Naturopathy

Committee of Inquiry into Labour Market Training

Committee of Inquiry on Co-ordinated Registration and Operation of Federal and State Employee and Employer Industrial Organisations

Committee of Inquiry on Museums and National Collections

Committee on Integration of Data Systems

Committee on Tertiary Assistance

Committee to Inquire into the Teaching of Migrant Languages

Committee to study Photocopying in Australia

Defence Force Organisation Development Survey

Interim Committee of the Capital Territory Health Commission

Joint Government Technical Committee on Mine Waste Pollution of the Molonglo River

National Advisory Committee on International Women's Year 1975

National Committee on English Teaching

National Recreation Survey Task Force

Project Team on Childhood Services

Red Cliff Environment Inquiry

Royal Commission into Allegations concerning some Maritime Unions

Royal Commission on Australian Government Administration

Royal Commission on Human Relationships

Royal Commission on Intelligence and Security

Study Group into the feasibility of a National Sports Institute

Working party on joint action before wage fixing tribunals to limit wage increases

Working party on measures to reduce the multiplicity of wage fixing tribunals

Working party on the possibility of introducing taxation penalties on excessive wage increases

Working party on tendering procedures for Government Contracts

Working party on State legislation to support the jurisdiction of the Prices Justification Tribunal

REPORTS TABLED IN THE PARLIAMENT IN 1974 ON INQUIRIES INSTITUTED BY (a) THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT 7 March-Committee of Enquiry into the Protection of Privacy- Tabled by Mr Hayden 13 March- Independent Inquiry into Frequency Modulation Broadcasting- Tabled by Mr Bowen 21 March- Immigration Task Force- Tabled by Mr Grassby 2 April- Poverty Inquiry- Tabled by Mr Hayden 3 April- Committee on Legal Aid in Australia- Tabled by Senator Murphy 4 April- Committee of Inquiry into the Citizen Military Forces- Tabled by Mr Barnard 10 April- Committee on Technical and Further EducationTabled by Mr Beazley 10 April- Computerisation of Legal Data CommitteeTabled by Senator Murphy 10 April- National Forensic Institute Advisory CommitteeTabled by Senator Murphy 10 July- Working Group on Rural Policy- Tabled by Dr Patterson 10 July- National Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme Inquiry- Tabled by Mr Bowen 1 1 July- Maritime Industry Commission of InquiryTabled by Mr Bowen 1 July- A Report from the Aboriginal Land Rights CommissionTabled by Mr Bowen 17 July- Committee of Inquiry into Labour Market Training- Tabled by Mr Cameron 17 July- Committee on Integration of Data SystemsTabled by Mr Bowen 23 July- Australian Post Office Commission of InquiryTabled by Mr Bowen 23 July- Lake Pedder Committee of Inquiry- Tabled by DrCass 24 July- A Report from the CMF Committee of InquiryTabled by Mr Barnard 24 July- National Superannuation Committee of Inquiry -Tabled by Mr Hayden 25 July- Task Force to Investigate Modern Housing TechniquesTabled by Mr Johnson 31 July- A Report from the Interim Commission on Consumer Standards- Tabled by Mr Morrison 1 August- Committee of Inquiry on Co-ordinated Industrial Organisations-Tabled by Mr Cameron 19 September- Committee of Inquiry into the National Estate- Tabled by Mr Uren 26 September- National Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme Inquiry-Volume 2 (Rehabilitation and Safety) -Tabled by Mr Bowen 15 October- Committee of Inquiry into Technical Education in the ACT- Tabled by Mr Barnard 16 October- Royal Commission into Petroleum and Petroleum Products-Tabled by Prime Minister 17 October- National Rehabilitation and Compensation Inquiry- Vol. 3 (The Compendium )- Tabled by Mr Bowen 22 October-Pilbara Study Group-Tabled by Dr Patterson Bowen Basin- Industrial Potential- Tabled by Dr Patterson 26 November- A Report from the Commission of Inquiry into the Maritime Industry- Tabled by Mr Bowen 28 November- Task Force to investigate Modern Housing Techniques- Tabled by Mr Johnson 2 December- A Report from the Australian Committee on Technical and Further Education- Tabled by Mr Beazley 4 December- A Report from the Interim Committee of the Australian Council for Trade Union Training- Tabled by Mr Cameron (b)THE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT 25 July- Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Integration of Medical Services of the Armed Forces (dated March 197 1 )-Tabled by Mr Barnard 25 July- Report by the Tertiary Education (Services' Cadet Colleges) Committee- Tri-Service Academy within Australia (Dated January 1970)-Tabled by Mr Barnard 17 September- Preliminary Report by the Taxation Review Committee (Dated 1 June 1974)- Tabled by Mr Crean

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