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Thursday, 5 December 1974
Page: 4854

Mr Snedden asked the Minister for Science, upon notice:

(   1 ) How are copies of Ministerial press releases circulated.

(2)   To whom are they circulated.

(3)   How many copies are circulated in total.

(4)   What is the total annual cost, including salary and administration charges, in producing and distributing Ministerial press releases.

(5)   How many public servants in his Department are involved with the distribution of press releases.

Mr Morrison - The answer to the right honourable member's question is as follows:

(   1 ) Copies of my press releases are distributed by hand to the Press Gallery from my office, by dissemination from the Ministerial Document Reproduction Unit, by publication in the Australian Government Digest and by mail from my Department and the CSIRO.

(2)   A list is maintained of people who wish to receive copies of my press releases on a regular basis. Broadly, this includes media organisations, Government Departments, Embassies, political party organisations, libraries and individuals. In addition press releases are distributed by the Ministerial Document Reproduction Unit to, among others, all Senators and Members.

(3   ) About 1200 copies of each release are circulated.

(4)   Part of the cost of producing and distributing my press releases is included in costs relating to salaries and administration of my office. Other costs are borne by the Ministerial Document Reproduction unit, which is pan of the Department of the Media. The costs attributable to Ministerial press releases have not been separately identified and it is not. therefore, possible to give a precise answer to this pan of the right honourable member's question.

(   5 ) One officer on a pan time basis only.

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