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Thursday, 7 May 1970

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for External Affairs, upon notice:

(1)   How did the Austraiian Government delegates vote on the instruments adopted at the 54th (1969) Maritime Session of the International Labour Organisation.

(2)   What earlier I.L.O. maritime conventions have (a) entered into force and when, and (b) been ratified by Australia and when.

(3)   In what respects do Australian laws or practices fall short of the standards set by I.L.O. maritime conventions which Australia has not yet ratified.

(4)   What Commonwealth, State and Territory laws must be amended before Australian can ratify the remaining I.L.O. maritime conventions.

Mr McMahon - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   1 assume that the honourable member is referring to the Preparatory technical maritime Conference which was held in Genoa from 15th- 26th September 1969. The 54lh Session of the International Labour Conference will be held in June 1970. The 55th (Maritime) Session of the International Labour Conference will be held from 14th to 31st October 1970. The Preparatory Technical Maritime Conference gave preliminary consideration to 6 items which will be discussed at the Conference in October. The Australian Government Representatives voted for the adoption of the reports on each of these items.

(a)   The following I.L.O. Maritime Conventions have entered into force On the dates shown: No. 7 Minimum Age (Sea), 1920 (27th September 1921) No. 8 Unemployment Indemnity (Shipwreck), 1920 (16th March 1923)

No. 15 Minimum Age (Trimmers and Stokers) 1921 (20th November 1922)

No. 16 Medical Examination of Young Persons (Sea), 1921 (20th November 1922)

No. 22 Seamen's Articles of Agreement, 1926 (4th April 1928)

No. 23 Repatriation of Seamen, 1926 (16th April 1928)

No. 53 Officers' Competency Certificates, 1936 (29th March 1939)

No. 55 Shipowners' Liability (Sick and Injured

Seamen), (29th October 1936)

No. 56 Sickness Insurance (Sea), 1936 (9th

December 1949)

No. 58 Minimum Agc (Sea) (Revised), 1936 (11th April 1939)

No. 68 Food and Catering (Ships' Crews), 1946 (24th March f957)

No. 69 Certification of Ships' Cooks 1946 (22nd April 1953)

No. 71 Seafarers* Pensions, 1946 (10th October 1962)

No. 73 Medical Examination (Seafarers), 1946 (17th August 1955)

No. 74 Certification of Able Seamen, 1946 (14th July 1951)

No. 91 Paid Vacations (Seafarers) (Revised), 1949 (14th September 1967)

No. 92 Accommodation of Crews (Revised), 1949 (29th January 1953)

(2)   (b) Of the above Conventions, the following have been ratified by Australia:

No. 7 Ratified on 28th June 1935 No. 8 Ratified on 28th June 1935 No. 15 Ratified on 28th June 1935 No. 16 Ratified on 28th June 1935 No. 22 Ratified on 1st April 1935 In addition, Australia has ratified the following Conventions which have not yet entered into force: No. 57 Hours of Work and Manning (Sea), 1936 (Ratified on 24th September 1938) No. 76 Wages, Hours of Work and Manning (Sea), 1946 (Ratified on 25th January


No. 93 Wages, Hours of Work and Manning (Sca), (Revised), 1949 (Ratified on 3rd March 1954).

(3)   and (4) The information requested by the honourable member is contained in the 'Review of Australian Law and Practice Relating to Conventions adopted by the International Labour Conference', which was published by the Department of Labour and National Service in October 1969. I understand that the Minister for Labour and National Service has provided the honourable member with a copy of this publication.

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