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Thursday, 7 May 1970

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Lucock (LYNE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Order! The honourable member for Grayndler cast a reflection on the honourable member for Boothby and I would ask him to withdraw it.

Mr DALY - I thought he was uninsultable but if he is offended I withdraw the statement. The honourable member for Boothby who has just spoken said he was going to introduce some South African and Rhodesian legislation in this country. I wonder if he will bring in the Suppression of Communist Act which allows the South African Government to ban people, political parties, newspapers, unions and organisations, Is that the first plank of the platform of this honourable member who supports Rhodesia? I wonder whether he supports those laws prohibiting persons from attending gatherings of a common purpose, gatherings where politics were discussed, gatherings of an educational nature and social gatherings. Does he support the penalty for the breach of a banning order, which is generally imprisonment for up to 3 years without the option of a fine? Certain cases such as failure to report at specified times to the police carry imprisonment for 1 to 10 years. Is that the policy that he seeks to bring to this country? Similarly, section 17 of the General Law Amendment Act empowered the Government to arrest without warrant and to hold in solitary confinement for up to 90 days any person suspected on reasonable grounds of having information about offences of a political character. The Act was suspended in January 1965 but 1,095 people were detained under its provisions during 1963 and 1964. Is that the policy of the honourable member for Boothby? Is that a plank of the policy he is bringing to this country?

What a disreputable and contemptible thing that is for a man who calls himself a democrat. He stands here and opposes people and labels them as part of a fifth column - people who have the courage to stand up to the type of opposition that honourable members opposite put on, with the police and the baton and the boot to keep people from expressing their dissent. These are the policies he says are better than ours. South Africa and Rhodesia seek to abolish the monarchy. Did the honourable member for Boothby, an anarchist, supporting Rhodesia, attend a function for Her Majesty the Queen? I suppose he would like the honourable member for Chisholm (Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes) to be the president of the new Australian republic with all these suppressive laws.

Dr Forbes - Did you fight for your country?

Mr DALY - The Minister for Health has enough on his plate dealing with the doctors. When he picks me he is fighting out of his division because he cannot beat the medicos and they cannot even talk. Let me tell the honourable member for Boothby that in June 1965 the Criminal Procedure Act was passed. It allows the Government to detain without trial any person likely to give material evidence for the State if the Attorney-General deems it to bc in the interest of such persons or of the administration of justice. In other words, the honourable member who has just attacked the Labor Party and those opposing the war in Vietnam - the undeclared war where men are dying under this Government's legislation which, it claims, are in the cause of peace and security - is one who seeks to bring in that type of legislation, the most Fascist kind since the days of Hitler. It is now the basis on which the Rhodesian Government acts. Is it any wonder that we on this side of the Parliament have been waiting for him to come out of his hibernation? He hid from the light of day in this Parliament. He has made one speech and asked one question in 3 months in the Parliament. If any person has loafed on the Australian taxpayer in the last 3 months it has been the honourable member for Boothby. He has not been game to express his opinions because he knew we have been waiting to reply. How fortunate it was that I just happened to have my files about me. The statement I have says that officially Rhodesia admits having about 140 political detainees. Although almost 5 years have passed since the Unilateral Declaration of Independence none has yet been charged or allowed a trial. The estimated figure is probably slightly higher - about 158. Unlike South Africa where detainees cannot be detained for more than 158 days without trial - the Government there is really liberal - in Rhodesia they can be held indefinitely. As long as the country is in an official state of emergency - and it still is - the regime can hold prisoners as long asit likes.

Let the honourable member for Boothby get up and admit or deny that that is the policy he supports for Australia. He said he had brought back legislation to introduce into this Parliament. He was going to prepare a private member's Bill. I challenge him to stand in this Parliament, introduce that legislation and show whether he believes in what he said and whether he is a full supporter of democracy or a straight out supporter of Fascist causes and all they stand for. I regret I have to say these things but far be it from me to sit in this Parliament and hear Labor members, good Australians, church men and other prominent citizens attacked by this honourable member who in every way is espousing the cause of Fascism, in fighting which countless thousands of men died in the last great conflict. Therefore I hope the honourable member will rise again some time and speak on these matters because, like all democrats, I do not want to see Fascism. I do not want to see suppression without trial. My forebears fought against it for generations and the Labor Party and other organisations were moulded to fight against it. That is why today I place on record my opposition to the statements of the honourable member for Boothby.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Lucock)Order!The honourable member's time has expired.

Mr McLEAY(Boothby) - I claim to have been misrepresented by the larrikin from Grayndler.

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