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Thursday, 7 May 1970

Mr DALY (Grayndler) - The honourable member for Boothby (Mr McLeay) has made a delayed appearance in the debates after hibernating following upon a rather extraordinary trip to South Africa. By one of those remarkably fortunate coincidences I have his file before me. I think I should read parts of it to the House to show what type of honourable member it is who has just attacked members of the Labor Party, people who fight for democracy in this country, prominent church men, editors of Catholic newspapers and others as being Communists and supporters of a fifth column in this country. Already a minister of religion has taken out a writ against the honourable member for outrageous and libellous statements. Today the honourable member listed amongst those whom he said were in the fifth column myself and other honourable members on this side of the Parliament who support the Moratorium. He listed

Catholic and Protestant clergymen who support it. He listed John Ryan of the editorial board of the 'Catholic Worker' of Melbourne and numerous others who support this fight against the Government's policy and the American policy in Vietnam. If any member of the Parliament but the honourable member for Boothby had mentioned these matters we would take him seriously. But the honourable member is discarded and disowned by his own members because no more McCarthy-like or Fascist statements have been made in this Parliament in my time than those that have come from the honourable member fdr Boothby.

Let us look at this member who has just spoken. He said he finds it difficult to be with us. I can assure the House that I do not want to be with him in any other place than this Parliament. He went to South Africa. I have the report of an interview he had in that country. He was being interviewed on television and he was asked:

How similar do you think Australia and southern Africa are both in climate and outlook and so on?

He said:

Well, we are very similar as far as climate and people and in outlook, but politically we're a little different, I think. You're much more advanced in some ways than we are. At the moment we are almost a Communist state. Sounds incredible doesn't it?

We can see the honourable member's little eyes twinkling as he said that on television. Then he said:

Oh, I deplore it. And it's interesting to come and see the way that you've got on top of this problem. In fact, I'm taking home some of your pieces of legislation, and 1 aim to introduce them as Private Members' Bills to see if we can do something about this. We've got three Communist Parties in Australia and they've subverted the trade-union movement, churches, universities and, I am afraid, some of the Press.

If there are three Communist Parties in Australia I will tell this House who they are. They are the Liberal Party, The Democratic Labor Party and the Country Party; and I will tell honourable members why.

Their policies are to trade with the enemy, to sell strategic metal, chemicals, scrap iron, tallow, wheat and other essential goods to China and wool and wheat to Russia and others who they 'say are our enemies. They have secret police eavesdropping on and tapping the telephones of political opponents throughout this country. They restrict the movement of visitors to various parts of our nation, such as Pine Gap. The movements of their political opponents are restricted. There is censorship and in every way the society in which we live under this Government might be said to be a Communist type, if we take the honourable member's views correctly. There is refusal to grant citizenship to people. There is imprisonment for political beliefs. There is centralisation of power. There is the promotion of rivals to other positions. There is brainwashing in this country. There is imprisonment of 20-year olds who are conscripted to go and fight for people of the type of the honourable member we have just listened to in this Parliament. There is suppression of the right to dissent. There is use of the police. There is smear and character assassination. There is imprisonment of demonstrators and conscientious objectors and there is water torture for prisoners of war.

Mr Giles - I take a point of order. T think it is a regrettable statement that the honourable member for Grayndler has made about the honourable member for Boothby. I would ask him to withdraw it. He fought for his country whereas the honourable member for Grayndler did -not.

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