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Thursday, 7 May 1970

Mr McMAHON - Mr Speaker,I have read the propaganda document that was issued by the Soviet representatives in Canberra, lt is written in the same turgid phrases that we have been accustomed to from this propaganda agency. It lacks both literary and also intellectual quality and is but a ceaseless repetition of the tripe we get from this propaganda organisation and have received for very many years. As an illustration of the tendentious quality of these articles I mention that one of them states that Indonesia is supplying arms and equipment to the. Cambodians. This, Sir, is false. The Indonesian Government has denied it and to the best of my knowledge no arms and equipment are being provided from this country and you, Sir, would not expect it to be as it is a neutral country and now has taken the initiative to call a conference to try to ensure the neutrality and the independence of Cambodia.

Secondly, Mr Speaker I think you can find running through the article the unhelpful attitude of the Soviet not only to peace in South East Asia but for that matter, Sir, so far as peace in the Middle East is concerned. As to the conference called by Mr Malik, who is the Foreign Minister of Indonesia, all I can say is that he has asked many, many countries, including Communist China to be present. It is not his fault that it is only those countries that are associated with the ANZUS Pact, and the ASPAC countries that have decided to go. But what this does mean is that Communist countries do not want peace in South East Asia. We on the contrary - the countries that are going - have but one object and one goal in view: That is to play our part, however humbly, and however good it might be, in trying to ensure there is peace on one condition, and that condition is that we want these people to be able to make up their minds as to how they should govern themselves and that they should be able to govern free from interference.

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